The first chapter of our success story was in 2011 when Perfection Construction company was established by a number of ambitious individuals who believed in providing the construction sector in UAE with an unprecedented type of construction projects blended with both, special designs and high quality. Shortly afterwards, due to the rapid growth our business had witnessed, a strategic decision was made to acquire a promising company called Perfection Metal Industries LLC.

After a while, to reflect the notion of the continuous natural growth of our ambitious business, we’ve added six more companies to the group holding the names of Pilestone Foundations Contractors & Surveys Works LLC, Dezart Joinery Works LLC, and Dezart Interior Decoration LLC, Megaview Aluminum and Glass Works LLC, Mega View Manufacture LLC and Modern Supplies General Trading LLC. This latter strategic and bold move stems from our belief that Perfection Group is willing and able to serve its precious clients with diversified services and products they are entitled to.


Relying on our distinguished workforce, business traffic, continuous search for quality through applying total quality practices, and the ultimate desire to put our business partners first, the aforementioned companies that fall under the umbrella of Perfection Group can professionally and compassionately provide our clients with many different types of jobs & projects such as, but not limited to, sub-structure works from shallow foundations to piling and shoring works, super structure works which include both categories concrete and steel structure buildings, all types of Alumium & Glass Works and innovative retractable skylight, finishing works from basic stages to luxury finishing with interior design that relies on VR (Virtual Reality) prior to the execution process.

What’s more, our group is well-equipped and professionally prepared to execute all types of MEP Works regardless of its size. Over the years, the group has developed a clear strategy of utilizing its collective skills and vivid understanding of the clients demands to provide distinguished products and services to its valued clients. Ultimately, we aim to initiate a genuine and everlasting partnership with our business clients, so we could be their perfect partners and, above all, make our hopes and dreams of a better world a reality.




roup embraces an integrated business model

A Place where your construction demands are all executed In-house


Founded in 2011, we have constructed +100 projects nationwide, totaling more than 600 million AED.


Perfection Group offers highly competitive and customer friendly prices without compromising on high quality standards.


Our focus is to create relationships that last generations. That doesn't happen by cutting corners!

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